Facilities and Equipment

The laboratory has approximately 1200 square feet of space. The following equipment is present in the laboratory:


Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy (OMBE) system.

• 10-10 torr UHV chamber.

• Load lock chamber.

• Two electron beam guns.

• Low temperature molecular beam evaporation source.

• Four dual head quartz crystal sensors for rate monitoring.

• Rotating, DC biased, temperature controlled to 500° C substrate holder.

• In situ floating shadow masking, positioning 20 mm or more over substrate, moving range 1 cm x 1 cm with 5 mm resolution.

• 3 cm DC Kaufman ion gun.

• Tectra plasma source.

• Residual gas analyzer (RGA).

• Ion flux probe.

• Uses: organic metallic deposition, binary alloys deposition, etc.

Check out the OMBE vacuum



Two flow systems for characterization of gas sensors.

• 4"x6"x3" stainless steel sample chamber.

• Closed-loop temperature control: 0 - 100 ± 0.05° C, 20 min. response time.

• Closed-loop relative humidity control: 0 - 100% ± 2% RH, 10 min. response time.

• Open-loop permanent gas concentration control: 0 - 40000 ± 4 ppm, 4 min response time.

• Open-loop volatile organics concentration control: up to 8 volatile organics, 4 min. response time.

• Outer enclosure with closed-loop temperature control.


Sputter coater system.

RF plasma cleaner.

Digital autostepback gold or aluminum wedge wirebonder.

Probestation with vibration isolation platform.

Microscope with CCD camera.

Inspection microscopes.

Annealing furnace.

Dry oven.

On a temporary basis, until the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology is ready, the Integrated Nanosensors Lab hosts the following pieces of equipment:


Scanning Probe Microscope

• Atomic Force Microcope (AFM)

• Scanning Tunneling Microcope (STM)

• Magnetic Force Microcope